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APOLLO EDUCATION GROUP INC filed this Form DEF 14C on 12/27/2013
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benefits for the named executive officers, as reflected in the tally sheets, were within competitive levels compared to market practice.
Calculations and further explanation of the payments due the named executive officers upon termination of employment and/or a change in control event are found under the portion of the Executive Compensation section of this Information Statement entitled “Agreements Regarding Employment, Change in Control and Termination of Employment.”
As a general matter, the Compensation Committee takes into the account the various tax and accounting implications of the compensation programs maintained for our executive officers.
To maintain maximum flexibility in designing compensation programs, the Compensation Committee will continue to take tax deductibility into consideration when structuring incentive compensation awards for the named executive officers. However, in establishing the cash and equity incentive compensation programs for the named executive officers, the Compensation Committee believes that the potential deductibility of the compensation payable under those programs should be only one of a number of relevant factors taken into consideration, and not the sole or primary factor. For example, the annual cash bonus paid to named executive officers and the long-term incentive equity awarded to named executive officers for the 2013 fiscal year are intended to comply with the exemption for performance-based compensation under Code Section 162(m), but the retention cash awards that with service-based vesting granted to the named executive officers in 2013 fiscal year are subject to the deduction limits of Code Section 162(m). The Compensation Committee believes that cash and equity incentive compensation must be maintained at the requisite level to attract and retain the executive officers essential to our financial success, even if all or part of that compensation may not be deductible by reason of the Code Section 162(m) limitation.
The Compensation Committee also considers the accounting consequences to the Company of different compensation decisions and the impact on shareholder dilution; however, neither of these factors by themselves will compel a particular compensation decision.