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APOLLO EDUCATION GROUP INC filed this Form DEF 14C on 12/27/2013
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The applicable formula for effecting such conversion of Mr. Cappelli’s March 2012 award, as modified by the Compensation Committee in October 2013, is as follows:

Adjusted Operating Free Cash Flow Increase, as Modified October 2013
Percentage of Target Number of Performance Share Units
to Qualify as
Performance-Qualified Shares
$30,800,000 or more
$104,800,000 or more
Should the amount of such increase fall between two of the levels specified in the above schedule, then the applicable percentage conversion will be interpolated on a straight-line basis between the conversion percentages specified for those two levels.
The Compensation Committee, however, has reserved the discretion to reduce the number of performance-qualified shares of Class A Common Stock resulting from the attained level of the adjusted operating free cash flow increase by an amount up to a maximum of three times the target number of shares subject to these Apollo Global performance share unit awards.
The resulting number of performance-qualified shares of Class A Common Stock in which Mr. Cappelli may vest will also be dependent upon the number of fiscal years of service he completes with us during the applicable service periods. Accordingly, the number of such performance-qualified shares determined for Mr. Cappelli on the basis of the attained increase in adjusted operating free cash flow will be multiplied by a fraction, the numerator of which is the total number of fiscal years of service completed by him within the service period and the denominator of which is the total number of fiscal years within that service period. For such purpose, the applicable service period for the July 2011 award will be the three-year period coincident with our 2012 through 2014 fiscal years. The applicable service period for the March 2012 award will be the two-year period coincident with our 2013 and 2014 fiscal years.
Other Executive Benefits, including Perquisites, Retirement Benefits and Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Program
Executive officers are, in general, entitled to the same employee benefits available to all other full-time employees (subject to the satisfaction of applicable minimum service and other eligibility requirements). Such benefits include vacation accruals, health and welfare benefits and participation in our 401(k) Savings Plan and Employee Stock Purchase Plan.
Our executive officers and other highly compensated employees are also eligible to participate in a deferred compensation plan that allows them the opportunity to defer a portion of their salary each year for subsequent distribution upon their termination of employment or other designated payment date. Additionally, participants in our Executive Officer Performance Incentive Plan are eligible to defer up to seventy-five percent (75%) of their annual bonus under that plan. Participants are also credited each year with the equivalent of any Company matching contributions which they would have otherwise been entitled to receive under the 401(k) Savings Plan had their personal contributions under that plan not been limited by reason of the tax law requirements applicable to tax-qualified retirement plans. During the deferral period, the participants will have the opportunity to earn a notional investment return on their account balance tied to one or more investment funds that track the actual investment funds available under the 401(k) Savings Plan.
In addition, certain perquisites are made available to one or more executive officers, including the personal use of company-provided automobiles (including reimbursement of registration fees, insurance costs and fuel and maintenance expenses), housing allowances and reimbursement of duplicative living costs at secondary business locations, reimbursement of certain personal travel expenses, limited use of company-chartered aircraft for travel by family members of executive officers and limited personal use of the company-owned or leased condominiums. We have adopted formal policies governing the use of company-chartered aircraft and company-owned or leased condominiums. The policies are designed to assure that all personal use of company-provided aircraft or our company-owned or company-leased condominiums is carefully monitored and properly recorded and that any taxable income to the executive officer resulting from such use is accurately reported, with the requisite tax withholdings collected, and any reportable perquisites associated with such use is properly disclosed in accordance with applicable securities law regulations. In addition, the policies require a quarterly report to the Compensation Committee with respect to all personal or non-business use of our company-chartered aircraft or our company-owned condominium by the executive officers during the period covered by the report.