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APOLLO EDUCATION GROUP INC filed this Form DEF 14C on 12/27/2013
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We believe that this entrepreneurial component is appropriate for Mr. Cappelli because of his significant involvement with our Apollo Global subsidiary and the particular leadership and direction he will provide that entity. However, we limited the grant-date fair value of those awards to a relatively small percentage of his total multi-year equity award package so that the predominant portion will remain tied to our financial success and serve as a substantial incentive for him to remain primarily focused on the overall success of the entire organization.
Following the close of our 2014 fiscal year (or any earlier measurement period triggered by a change in control of Apollo Global), the Compensation Committee will determine the amount by which the adjusted operating free cash flow realized by Apollo Global for the applicable measurement period exceeded the adjusted operating free cash flow realized by Apollo Global for the base period. For both the base period and the applicable measurement period, Apollo Global’s cash flow from operations will be determined on a consolidated basis with its consolidated subsidiaries for financial reporting purposes and in accordance with current GAAP and form of financial statement presentation in effect on the award date and shall be confirmed on the basis of Apollo Global’s audited financial statements, if available, or otherwise derived from the system of records used to prepare the Company’s audited consolidated financial statements for that period. However, the cash flow from operations realized for the base period and the relevant measurement period will be subject to certain adjustments authorized by the Compensation Committee, and the resulting amount will constitute the adjusted operating free cash flow for that period.
In October 2013, outside of the time period permitted by Code Section 162(m) (making this award subject to the deduction limits of Code Section 162(m)), the Compensation Committee amended the July 2011 award to authorize the same adjustments to cash flow from operations used to determine adjusted operating free cash flow that had previously been authorized by the Compensation Committee when it amended the March 2012 award in October 2012. In October 2013, the Compensation Committee further amended both the July 2011 and March 2012 awards by reducing the adjusted operating free cash flow increases that must be attained. These amendments were made to reflect the changes to Apollo Global’s operations and expense structure that had occurred since the awards were originally granted and to align the financial targets for the two-year performance period of the March 2012 award with the financial targets for the three-year performance period award of the July 2011 award, as was intended by the Compensation Committee at the time the March 2012 award was made.
On the basis of the amount of the increase in adjusted operating free cash flow, the target number of performance share units awarded to Mr. Cappelli will be multiplied by the applicable percentage (which may range from 0% to 600%) pursuant to the schedules of financial targets set forth below to determine the maximum number of shares of our Class A common stock issuable based on the attained level of the performance goal. The number of share units from such conversion will constitute Mr. Cappelli’s performance-qualified shares.
The applicable formula for effecting such conversion of Mr. Cappelli’s July 2011 award, as modified by the Compensation Committee in October 2013, is as follows:

Adjusted Operating Free Cash Flow Increase, as Modified October 2013
Percentage of Target Number of Performance Share Units
to Qualify as
Performance-Qualified Shares
$5,700,000 or less
$79,700,000 or more